Marine simulation … real world training in a controlled environment

The ability to remain calm under pressure can be critical to safety in the marine environment. For some it comes naturally; for others it can take time to build confidence and become familiar with tasks which may not be easy to replicate or train safely on offshore.

Whilst in the early days of the offshore energy industry personnel may have had some prior experience ‘at sea’ in traditional marine operations, but as the industry has evolved and specialised offshore roles have become more complex this is much less likely to find.

This can be especially apparent in the rapidly growing offshore renewables industry, where highly technical skillsets are often drawn from the onshore power generation industry or other shore-based fields. Marine and offshore simulation training can give offshore personnel real-world exposure that can build their confidence and give them the skills to meet the challenges they face.

In this blog, we discuss the importance of marine simulation training and why it matters.

Simulation is an effective training method that helps offshore personnel gain experience in a controlled and safe environment. Through accurate replication, crews can safely practise emergency procedures, manoeuvres, and protocols with experienced marine simulation trainers.  Seacroft’s experienced training team come from a range of backgrounds within the offshore industry; some have worked as marine consultants and offshore operations supervisors, while others have many years’ experience as offshore vessel masters.

This type of training is particularly effective due to the flexibility it offers. Offshore simulation exercises can be tailored to a client’s individual needs and requirements, meaning no two simulations are exactly alike.  Through safe simulation training and exposure to different scenarios, personnel are prepared for any eventuality offshore.

Since launching the industry leading SafeZone® 500 suite of training back in 2017, Seacroft Marine Consultants has complemented their existing syllabus of online and classroom based Marine Responsible Person (MRP) training by offering clients the option to bolt on an additional ship simulator-based package.

Ship simulator-based training, conducted in a purpose-built simulation suite, offers client personnel a unique opportunity to gain experience of vessel operations without having to leave port.

Although traditionally used to allow mariners to practise their skills in specific scenarios, Seacroft has created a unique ‘hands on’ experience to allow non-mariners to take the controls of several thousand tonnes of supply vessel inside the 500-metre safety zone of an offshore installation, one of the most challenging and pressured operations conducted at sea.

For those who normally work on the platform or installation this allows them to experience what it feels like to control the vessel, see the full effects of weather and experience what an emergency procedure looks like from the ‘sharp end’. By broadening their marine awareness and having a better understanding of what the vessel can do, the installation personnel gain invaluable experience which can be brought to the fore in the event of a real-world situation.