Seacroft Marine Consultants appoint Mark Williamson as Marine Specialist & Business Development Manager

Seacroft Marine Consultants Limited have selected a new Marine Specialist & Business Development Manager as it looks to expand their specialised offshore marine projects offering.

Seacroft has appointed Mark Williamson to their growing team of Marine Specialists. In addition to this Mark has been nominated as Seacroft’s Business Development Manager.

Mark’s history as a marine specialist

Mark has twenty-four years’ experience as a marine specialist working in marine and technical disciplines within the marine and offshore industry, including spells at some of the sector’s most prominent names.

Most recently Mark was President Americas and Head of Global Business Development at Maritime Developments Limited (MDL), based in both Houston and Aberdeen. In his position he was responsible for day to day management of the Americas region, with initial focus on USA account penetration and establishing local strategic partners, and also the expansion into other global regions.

Mark also previously held the position of Managing Director North America and Head of Group Business Development and Marketing at OSM Maritime Group, based in Houston. He was responsible for establishing, managing and growing the North America region which included Fort Lauderdale, Houston and Mexico offices. In addition, as part of the Group’s Executive & Corporate Management Teams he was responsible for developing and executing the strategy for expansion into Australia.

On a technical note, Mark spent 8 years with InterMoor, spending time in both Aberdeen and Houston as a marine specialist, where he was responsible for developing and managing some of their most pioneering projects like the Prelay Mooring Project for a West of Shetland winter campaign where he introduced the use of Subsea Acoustic Release Units for the first time in the North Sea.

He also managed the company’s pioneering Pre-Installed Conductor projects in Brazil where the field well conductors were installed by an anchor handling vessel before the arrival of the rig, saving rig time, saving drilling time and reducing risk by reducing handling of the 36” pipe. This led to establishing a Conductor Installation Business Unit within InterMoor to seek and manage further projects. Always looking ahead, Mark also designed a patented quick connect/quick release mooring system for the Arctic Region, which could address the way MODU’s react to ice flow challenges in the future.

Mark has a strong seagoing background and worked through every rank from a 16 year old deck cadet with P&O Containers to sailing as one of the youngest Anchor Handling Masters in Maersk Supply Service, working in North Sea, Europe, Brazil, Middle East, West Africa and South East Asia.

Michael Cowlam, Seacroft’s Technical Director, said: “We’re delighted to welcome Mark to the Seacroft team. He brings a wealth of industry experience as both a marine specialist and a Business Development expert. With Mark on board we hope for further business growth and expansion in new areas in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Mark Williamson said: “I am very happy to be joining the team at Seacroft. This is a team with integrity at the heart of everything we do, which was very important to me. There is a fantastic platform in place to support growth into new and exciting areas. It’s fantastic being back in a technical marine role again where I can put my specialist marine knowledge to good use. It’s also a pleasure sharing a coffee every morning again with fellow Master Mariners who are focused on ensuring that the marine industry maintains its high standards. It’s an industry that we are all very passionate about at Seacroft.”

Seacroft was established in 1995 and has grown to become a leading provider of independent marine consultancy and assurance services to the UK and international offshore Oil and Gas arena.

With a team of 13 staff and more than 80 consultants, the company has built its reputation in the marine assurance and consultancy sphere.

Seacroft Marine Consultants’ expertise includes marine assurance packages, OVID and CMID Inspections, Dynamic Positioning Assurance, Rig Move Assurance, Project Cargo Assurance, Project Marine Operations Assurance, International Safety Management Audits, Safety Audits & Inspections and Incident Investigation

Our marine specialists also offer other dynamic positioning technical services as well as simulator training in ship handling and bridge team management and specialist recovery and rescue consultancy services.