FPSO Removal/Relocation Projects

One of Seacroft’s oil major clients announced in 2021 that an FPSO was to be taken off-station as it had reached the end of its 25-year service life and had planned for its removal. The FPSO and related equipment will be transferred onshore for re-use, recycling or disposal as appropriate.

Seacroft has provided marine expertise for the facilitation and execution of an FPSO decommissioning plan, including the recovery of the associated mooring systems, risers and dynamic umbilicals in water depths of up to 600 meters, West of Shetland. Ship recycling will be carried out at an approved shipyard in compliance with all relevant UK legislation, including retained EU ship recycling regulations.

Seacroft is actively supporting the marine disciplines involved in the disconnection of the FPSO, recovery of the moorings and umbilicals and the subsequent safe tow of the FPSO to a suitable port facility.

Seacroft also supported a recent successful operation to disconnect and relocate an FPSO from its location offshore, West Africa. Seacroft provided, on behalf of the client and duty holder, preparatory planning, procedures and risk assessments and also on site supervision offshore for the duration of the disconnection and transit operations.