Port Marine Safety Code Compliance & Management Systems

Seacroft has many years of experience and a well-established track record in providing port marine safety code compliance and assurance to some of the UK’s leading energy infrastructure ports as well as small municipal and local authority run piers and harbour facilities.

Examples of our work include the appointment and provision of the “Designated Person” to provide independent assurance directly to the duty holder that the Marine Safety Management System (MSMS), for which the duty holder is responsible, is working effectively. The main responsibility of the Designated Person is to determine, through assessment and audit, the effectiveness of the MSMS in ensuring compliance as required within the code.

In order to fulfil this function, Seacroft ensured Designated Persons have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the requirements of the code (and supporting Guide to Good Practice) and associated port and marine legislation. Their role does not obscure the accountability of the organisation’s duty holder.

Other subsidiary support functions include auditing and inspection of pilot boats, workboats and tugs provided to the port by external commercial operations. Seacroft also provides risk assessment services, facilitation and technical authorship, quayside and other port facility condition assessments to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Seacroft has provided technical authorship of various marine procedures and marine safety management systems such as the integration of a multi-million harbour expansion project underway in the UK, which is the largest marine infrastructure and the largest in trust port history. This vital piece of desktop work helps to ensure the most ambitious development for trade around the North Sea, will safely and significantly increase opportunities for existing customers and open the door to new markets.