Walk-2-Work Gangway & Vessel Performance Evaluation

Seacroft Marine Consultants Limited was commissioned to undertake an assessment of viable Walk-2-Work motion compensated gangways that are currently available in the market. The assessment identified six well established and well-known W2W gangway companies.

Seacroft worked in close liaison with naval architects and structural engineers to deliver a high level technical evaluation of the proposed gangway locations, which was incorporated into Seacroft’s operational assessment.

The scope of work included the following deliverables:

  • Comparison/SWOT analysis of potentially viable gangways to include:
    • Specifications
    • Operating limits (Hs claims and proven)
    • Type of operation
    • Complexity
    • Breakdowns
    • Proven safety record/incidents (where available)
    • Day rates/contracting model (if available)
    • Company profile/ambition – who is developing the next generation of gangways?
  • Compatibility/access assessment with offshore structures/installations:
    • To include details of any engineering work required for any non-compatible systems.
    • Any platforms, landing stages, gates that would need to be fabricated.
  • Month by month gangway downtime assessment (based on the gangway systems performance only and excluding factors relating to specific vessels).