Seacroft’s ERRV Darts Tournament 2020

Seacroft Marine Consultants establish ERRV Darts Tournament in support of Mental Health Awareness in North Sea.

Seacroft Marine Consultants, a leading provider of Marine Assurance, DP Assurance, Project Management and Consultancy Services to the Offshore Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy sectors have agreed the establishment of an Annual Darts Tournament (ERRV Division) in partnership with North Star Shipping, Atlantic Offshore, Sentinel Marine, Vroon, Boston Putford and Esvagt.

The tournament is designed to help address mental health awareness by creating a platform that provides every crewmember with multiple opportunities to start a discussion about something they may be struggling with at work or in their personal lives.

Michael Cowlam, Technical Director at Seacroft added “When discussing the challenges associated with mental health awareness onboard vessels we decided we wanted to do something that could help and could be applied across fleets, so therefore couldn’t be covered by a single company’s internal efforts. During our many vessel visits every year we realised there is an existing platform in place already onboard most vessels, a dart board. So we designed a tournament structure which could be applied across all vessel owners and through it’s nature create multiple opportunities for a crew member who may be struggling with something to start a discussion about it. The feedback from the vessel owners has been fantastic and they all feel that this approach will supplement their existing efforts in addressing the issue of Mental Health.”

Seacroft have created a prize fund for the tournament, which is envisioned to take part through the year on an annual basis, with the winning vessels splitting the prize with their chosen mental health charity.

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