Oil & Gas

Seacroft Marine Consultants has been a leading provider of marine assurance, offshore consultancy, and offshore marine safety services across the UK and worldwide since 1995.

We have developed a business which provides a complete range of marine consultancy services tailored to the needs of oil & gas operators, offshore contractors, rig and vessel owners worldwide. Built upon our original specialisation in recovery, rescue, and emergency response consultancy, an area where we are now considered the industry authority and is still a cornerstone of the company’s service offering.


Seacroft Marine Consultants is active in marine assurance, project management and consultancy for offshore renewables transferring our oil & gas ‘know-how’, gained over many years of operational experience. 

We assist offshore renewables operators with vessel selection and inspections, assessment of ports and harbour facilities for construction and O&M support, and with industry-leading consultancy on rescue and recovery arrangements to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.


Based on experience and the expertise of our personnel, Seacroft Marine Consultants provides a range of attendance-based, online and simulator-based training.

Simulator training takes place in a full bridge mission simulator and various vessel types and configurations can be simulated. Options include berthing and mooring operations, manoeuvring and approaches, and station-keeping alongside offshore installations in various environmental conditions.

Bespoke training packages to improve safety, competence, and the abilities of key personnel can be designed and delivered to specific requirements.

Ports & Harbours

Seacroft Marine Consultants are engaged by port authorities and project managers to provide assurance and consultancy across harbour and quayside facilities related to marine safety management, project logistics management, independent inspections, safety and hazard assessments, dry dock, ship repair, and new build capability assessments.

Port marine safety code compliance and the provision of the designated person is central to Seacroft’s service offering to harbour authorities. Other core activities include technical authorship of marine safety management systems, port risk assessments, facilitation of stakeholder engagement, and competency assurance.

For port users, port and infrastructure assessments are undertaken to determine suitability for a variety of offshore projects providing assurance that facilities are independently evaluated and the most suitable solution is selected and appointed to meet the business’s operational and commercial needs.