Seacroft Marine ConsultanCY provides a range of classroom, online, practical and ship simulator based training for marine and non-marine personnel aboard vessels, offshore installations and worksites in the following areas:

  • Marine Responsible Person (MRP)
  • Marine Awareness (Advanced MRP) and associated modules:
    • 500m zone management
    • Vessel types, operations and terminology
    • Dynamic positioning
    • Supply vessel and cargo operations
    • Emergency response and collision risk management
    • Walk-2-Work gangway operations
    • Diving, ROV and subsea operations
    • Seismic and survey operations
    • Offtake tanker operations
    • Rig move and mooring operations
  • SafeZone 500 (500m zone management)
  • Bridge resource management
  • Pilot resource management
  • Tug resource management
  • Ship handling
  • Incident recreation and critical equipment failures
  • Risk assessment
  • ISM & ISPS codes
  • Emergency response
  • Search and rescue including:
    • Search pattern and search area determination
    • Co-ordinating major rescues
    • Mechanical recovery device operations
    • Small craft handling and rescue techniques
  • Training packages can be tailored to client requirements to improve safety, competence and the capabilities of key personnel.

Various vessel types and configurations can be simulated on a full bridge mission simulator. Options include berthing and mooring operations, manoeuvring and station keeping alongside offshore installations in various environmental conditions.

Joint courses can be developed for clients with common requirements and, where possible, can be delivered onsite, offshore or onboard the vessel.